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All of us at Jumping Branch Tree Services are Certified Arborists.
After all, the people climbing the 40-foot tree in your yard and teaching you about tree biologyshould be experts! 

Jack Boothe, CEO & Founder

With years of experience working as an arborist, plant healthcare manager and chemical supervisor, Jack knew he could bring exceptional customer service to the tree service industry.


Jumping Branch Tree Services began in 2015 with a passion for arbor education & providing quality, insured work.

Currently, Jack is: 

  • Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

  • Electrical Hazard Awareness Trained

  • Electrical Hazard Awareness Professional

  • Certified Tree Safety Professional

  • Tree Worker Specialist

  • ... and has all 16 Qualified Supervisor Licenses offered by the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture.

Jack is currently finishing his Master's Degree in Safety Management. 

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